Chris Burnham

Name: Chris Burnham

Hometown: Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Where you live: Nhulunbuy, NT, Australia

How long have you been spearfishing: 6 years

Top 3 places you have spearfished: Southern GBR, Nhulunbuy, Samoa.

First fish: Brown Sweetlip (Mother in law fish), was so stoked hahaha

Top 3 fish landed:

1. 7.9kg Common Trout, shot during a competition on the Sunshine Coast my previous best trout at the time was about 1.5kg. One of my best mates was too hungover to come that day so that made it all the more sweeter at the ramp, hey Nathan?

2. 28kg Mackerel, my first real big fish I shot, I just remember letting go of the gun and rigline completely because I wasn’t sure of the shot. Eventually caught up with the fish and had to push the spear back through it as it had almost fallen out. Not the biggest mackerel but was rewarding as I was still relatively new to the sport.

3. Probably the NT Chinaman fish I just shot, love it when fish turn up in places they aren’t ment to be.

What fish to you think about hunting the most: Dogtooth Tuna for sure, have only managed to spear small ones and I cant wait to get my hands in the gills of something decent.

Top 3 dream fish not yet landed: Big Dogtooth, 10kg+ Jack, 8kg+ Longnose Emperor.

Biggest and/or most impressive fish/creature you have seen: Big Tigershark off the Sunshine Coast that swam right up to me, still the biggest thing I have seen in the water to date.

Best dive trip you have been on: Samoa, average fish landed but good times had with a good crew!

Favourite Gun: Definitely the 95cm Aimrite Roller, the power to size ratio of these guns is amazing.

Scariest/Craziest thing you’ve seen while diving: The saltwater crocodile I saw last year while putting my fins on just before I was about to swim out to dive the spot it was sitting on. Either that or the small whaler I stabbed with my dive knife out of desperation, he swam straight past the fish I had on my spear at me.

Plans and goals for the coming year: Got Coral Sea coming up at the end of the year so really looking forward to getting some firsts and pb’s and quality video footage from that.