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AIMRITE Commercial


Aimrite Commercial was born out of demand from divers in the commercial industry who were after a Dive Suit that offered the very best in quality and design. After being approached by 3 different industries who were fed up with using sub standard wetsuits we made it our goal to bring the industry a Commercial Dive suit they could rely on! After speaking to several divers, captains and industry experts in both commercial diving, military diving as well as experts in the rubber industry we developed a suit out of a commercially graded material that would last and not compress like cheaper Neoprene graded suits. We also had to make the suit construction impeccable as the reputation of the Aimrite name was at stake! This means providing excellent customer service and working closely with each industry to meet their needs and demands whatever that may be. Aimrite Commercial is a custom wetsuit design and manufacturing company and our suits are available worldwide!!

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