Jack Howard

Hometown: Sydney, Member of the North shore Under Water Club (NSUC).

Been spearfishing for 4.5 years.

Top 3 places: Vanuatu (port Vila), NSW mid north cost and Coral Sea (Frederick reef).

Top 3 fish are 7.3kg snapper, 33kg Jew fish and 44kg sail fish.

Think about snapper the most. They are a cunning fish, always there but rarely sighted. It takes a long breath hold and patience to entice them in close enough to get a shot. They know exactly the range of whichever gun you have or will sit just on the edge of visibility and wait till you run out of breath. I have had encounters with a couple of fish over 10kgs and it’s those fish that keep me doing trips with no success in cold dirty water.

Top 3 fish not yet landed: 10kg snapper, large Black Marlin over 500lb and a Blue Marlin over 250lb.

Coolest thing I have seen was a HUGE whale jumping 10 feet clear of the water and doing a full 360 not more that 30 meters from the boat.

Favourite gun: Would be my 1.2 and 1.4 Aimrite Super Venom set up with reels. They are perfectly suited to most applications.

Scariest thing I have seem would be a 3.5m Great White Shark that came and had a good look at me in 6-8 meters visibility off Seal Rocks NSW. The White had a 15kg cobia following it, which I perused for a moment then decided against taking the shot for obvious reasons!!

Plan for this year is big knobs and red scales!! Snapper!!