Brett Levingston

Hometown - Born and bred Gold Coast QLD

How Long have you been spear fishing - Seriously spearfishing around 4 Year’s or so. As a grom I always had a sling and was fortunate enough to have a Little Rock not far from my house to torment the likes of luderik, bream and if I was lucky the odd school of tailor.

Top 3 placed you have speared -

Fiji - I have spent about 6 months in total working over there in the last few years. Some areas being a Barron waste land and some the most alive and pristine waters I have seen, with more fish than you can poke a shaft at.

Vanuatu - I was there for a relaxing holiday with the missus but somehow managed to sneak a few dives in around the ball and chain schedule. Had a bit of a shocker though, lost a couple of good doggies to gear and sharks, taking only a few ciguratera laden reefies.

Anywhere in the GBR - I have dove only a handful of times in the southern reefs and a couple times up north and it’s still hard to beat ! First fish; can’t remember exactly but if I was to take a guess I would say a luderik or bream.

What fish do you think about the most - Doggies! I have seen and lost so many good ones and only landed a mid size fish. I definitely have the fever and want one 50+ asap!

Top 3 fish landed - I don’t weigh my fish so the numbers are just guesses. However;

35-40kg doggie shot in Indonesia - after hunting them for days in the same spot and numerous deep dives, one rather unintelligent fish swam up to me in only 13m of water. I Didn’t stone it but my 1.4 king venom punched the 8mm straight through both gill plates. After a 10min tussle the dog hit the deck and I was screaming like a little girl.

13kg Msp on a recent trip to Fiji. There was a school of msp hanging on this one particular bombie and earlier I had taken a shot on one of the bigger ones (approx 15kg+) and completely missed so they were a bit on the hesitant side. However after spending as long as I possibly could on the bottom one finally came in.

25-30kg Jewfish (Mulloway) - This was pretty much my first proper fish I have shot. Thinking back it was just a case of right time right place, wasn’t much skill involved as back then there want much acquired yet.

Biggest most impressive fish/creature you have seen - This is an easy one. It has to be the great white, no more needed to be said - if anyone has seen one up close they just know.

Best dive trip you have been on - I haven’t been on a proper dive specific trip or charter yet but an looking forward to when it happens! However I would have to say a little mission I did with Peter and Hubert from spear fishing Indonesia was pretty all time. Heaps of laughs and shit talk along with plenty of good fish makes for a great trip!

Favourite gun - This would have to be my King Venom 1.5. If this sexy beast is in the water it means it’s blue and potentially some big creatures around. Super accurate set up with a reel or break away it’s a very versatile weapon.

Scariest thing seen while diving - probably crossing the Tweed bar last week. As sketchy as a secondhand car dealer!

Plans & goals for the coming year - This year at home I want to get into the Wahoo when they turn up (not work like the last few years). I want to land a good Red Emperor and hopefully get a trip in overseas to hunt and hopefully land some doggies!