Joey Atzeni

Name: Joey Atzeni

Hometown: Mission Beach

Where do you live: Mission Beach

How long have you been spearfishing: I’ve been spearing for nearly my whole life just in the shallows with my dad. Then when my parents split up, my dad moved away so me and a mate went halves in a 10ft plastic boat and I bought a 2.5hp and we started diving around the headlands and inshore reefs but only in the past 3 years that I have got right into this great sport!

Top 3 places you have spearfished: Mission Beach because its where I grew up and has some of the best Reef diving there is. Jenny Louise Shoal as that where I shot my first Dogtooth and Indonesia was pretty good as well.

First fish: Mangrove Jack

Top 3 fish landed:

First Dogtooth tuna (without a head)

Red Emperor just under 10kg

9.5kg Fingermark

What fish to you think about hunting the most: Dogtooth Tuna because they are just so hard to land and such a powerful fish

Top 3 dream fish not yet landed: Yellow lip Emperor, Wahoo and Large Mouth Nannygai

Biggest and/or most impressive fish/creature you have seen: I have seen half a dozen Humpback Whales in about 6m of water and got it on video! Pretty crazy seeing something so big in such shallow water

Best dive trip you have been on: There’s been so many to choose 1 but always enjoy getting good local fish with my mates

Favourite Gun: Definitely the new Aimrite Roller guns, so accurate and by far have the best range on any speargun I have used

Scariest/Craziest thing you’ve seen while diving: I’ve had a 2m bronze whaler shark nudge me in the ribs on the way up from a dive and swam with Tiger sharks in 4m of visibility, all on camera

Plans and goals for the coming year: To shoot something bigger than me!