Brett Levingston presents - Offswing!

Offswing is my new clip, collected over the last year or so surfing and spearfishing in Fiji, Indonesia and of course home sweet home! Travelling for me used to be based around chasing swells, most adventures going to plan and as I’m sure most know the pain, some going painstakingly wrong. These days things are a little different...

Travelling or even time at home nowadays since falling balls deep into spearfishing, is an awesome medley of making the most of the swells but when that blue water rolls in, finely placing some spring steel into a variety of tasty fish! Luckily my work is very flexible with letting me go away and don’t get me wrong I am making sure I utilise the opportunities before the gravy train runs out. Over the last year I got to spend a couple of months in each - Indo and working in Fiji. I know what your thinking……and yes so was I - Doggies!! Well here is a brief rundown... 

Indo - I was there on a surfing boat trip to the Mentawaiis and got a couple of dives in, however only seeing a couple of ok reefies and taking a couple for the deckhands on the boat all I saw was a lot of rubbish!

Fiji on the other hand…… I was working there as a surf guide for a few months and jeezus it is alive over there! Diving whenever I could (usually behind the surf breaks) proved to be hard with no one to spot me. I lost so many good fish and gear to sharks. But one day the doggies were on! I found the school I had seen a few weeks before and got a good shot in with my trusty King Venom (in video) but lost it due to my float line breaking (won’t name the brand but it wasn’t cheap) arrrrhhh that was frustrating! I popped another one that day on my Venom X reel gun to have it spool me and not long after get sharked. But ill be back! It was a lot of fun and a few swear words along the way but editing this little video made me so keen to get more into capturing what goes on above and below the water.

Looking forward to the year to come with a couple more trips on the cards, but for now back at home with a day off tomorrow hoping that the water is blue and warm and there are a couple of fish lurking around, Thanks for watching and safe diving!

Travis Hogan