Evolution in Quality Part 1 - The new Aimrite Envy Reel

Over the years Aimrite has produced a series of high quality accessories to go with its range of spearguns and unfortunately we dropped the ball on the last design of reels and roller muzzles. The first step in moving forward is acknowledging that your product didn't live up to the Aimrite reputation which I pride myself on. 

Although the performance of these reels was ok and the ideas were there, several design features were less than perfect hence we had a large amount of warranty issues that were inconvenient to our customers and for that we are sorry. The good thing is I have listened to all of you and your feedback has helped influence this new design in some way or another. 

The first thing I did was change the company I was using to produce these parts/products. After several attempts to improve design elements in order to better the product for our customers I realised that it was a dead end and that I would have to source someone else who is much more experienced in the field of engineering to get what I wanted. 

After speaking with one of the finest spearfishing accessory manufacturers in the world I realised that he and I would be able to collaborate and produce a product that would truly meet the standard I had set for the past few years with Aimrite International. I took one of his current reels which are manufactured in Italy and made it a little more simple (Euro designs seem to be real technical with lots of small moving parts) and something that would suit the conditions here in Australia/Pacific a lot better. I also modified certain aspects and designs that would suit our line spearguns much better too.

The end result is what you see in the pictures. A lighter, stronger and much better designed and engineered reel than the previous Aimrite models we had. Things we improved were;

  1. Line Guide - Stronger, secured with screws, over engineered, can't bend or fall out

  2. Spool - 1 piece CNC, Made thinner to reduce weight and add flexibility to avoid cracking

  3. Handle - Secured with lock nut to avoid losing, comes out for clearance of drag knob

  4. Drag - Much better gearing system that can be set in place and won't seize washers

  5. Weight - Lighter than previous model yet overall better quality materials and components

  6. Capacity - Can take 50m of 1.9mm dyneema compared to 40m on previous model

  7. Service - Our new factory offers a full warranty service which we can offer our customers

  8. Performance - The drag, weight, handle and design makes it a dream to use in the water

  9. Satisfaction - GUARANTEED!!

The new Envy Reel is a perfect match for the Aimrite Super Venom Limited Edition series....

The new Envy Reel is a perfect match for the Aimrite Super Venom Limited Edition series....

So as you can see we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes on these new designs and I will be releasing blogs weekly about the new items we are manufacturing. Over the next few weeks we will roll out a brand new look Aimrite with several of our designs being overhauled and made 10 times better than ever before. Its a long arduous process but we truly believe that every customer will be thankful for all the hard work we are putting into our product to make it the best it can be :) 

Travis Hogan - Owner of Aimrite

A 30kg Spanish Mackerel landed using the new Envy Reel.

A 30kg Spanish Mackerel landed using the new Envy Reel.

Travis Hogan