Evolution in Quality Part 2 - 2019 Carbon Spearguns are here!

When I think of the old Aimrite Carbon range I think about lack of technology and outdated designs and as a manufacturer I feel you need to be open and honest with yourself when your designs aren’t up to scratch! In the past 12 months our products and brand have evolved far beyond anything we have previously manufactured. To be competitive in this industry you need to keep your products evolving as technology and designs become more advanced and change certain things even if it mean big changes for small gains. We truly feel the changes we have made in the past 12 months have made our spearguns far superior than anything we have previously built and head and shoulders above our closest competitor. Here are 10 points we have changed in the past year and an insight of things to come.

Scroll down to see the changes we made to certain parts of the 2019 series of spearguns to make them function and perform much better than previous models!

Galling - This is caused by two metal surfaces rubbing together and can make the trigger very hard to pull due to excess friction.

Galling - This is caused by two metal surfaces rubbing together and can make the trigger very hard to pull due to excess friction.

Trigger Mechanism

  1. Galling - The original design which we still own was made in the USA and was great, rarely did we have any issues with this however the most recent design which was an identical copy of the original was sub par and had major issues with galling. This meant more warranties that we had previously had and a lot less satisfied customers!

    Solution - in the new design we added a roller to the sear which reduces friction to almost nil and prevents galling.

  2. Spring stretch - This is mainly caused for 2 reasons, the customer removes the safety hence the trigger piece can be pushed too far rearward and cause the spring to stretch beyond its capacity or the customer removes the mech and pushes the trigger piece too far back causing the spring to stretch in the same manner. Once the spring is stretched in this manner (see pics below) it will not function correctly and will need a new spring.

    Solution - With the new mechanism we have changed the style from Conventional to Reverse. Not only does this allow for extra and alternate shaft lengths to be used by it also changes the functionality completely so the new style of spring can not be stretched beyond its capacity.

  3. Weight - Weight has always been an issue with Aimrite as all of our designs were over engineered due to the fact everything we build is built to last a lifetime. While this has been great in the past it has also compromised the buoyancy and functionality of our spearguns especially when customers are adding reels and roller muzzles.

    Solution - By completely redesigning the style of mech we use we have managed to cut weight on our Trigger Mech, Reels and Rollers by over 150g combined whist improving strength and performance. Although it doesn’t sound like much, it is when you consider that some fisherman use 150g sinkers for deep sea fishing!!


  4. Line Guide - The original line guide although strong and well made had a few small imperfections that we felt could be improved. The area where the loop was welded to the base was susceptible to rust and in this design there is alway a chance of failure. This also allows the loop to be bent should it get squashed or jammed during travel.

    Solution - We designed a completely new line guide, a guide that was all one piece with no welds and which could not be damaged. Without any joins or welds this is by far the strongest line guide in the world and it weighs the same as the original guide too!

  5. Rubber Configuration - With the new Mech design moving the shaft rearward by 5cm then we have had to rethink rubber! For years I have used half sizes in my guns and found that our conventional guns with 2 or 3 bands have much better accuracy with a shorter spear and that the Rollerguns have better accuracy with more over hang. This as well as a tonne of feedback from the Aimrite community prompted my decision to change the configuration (spear lengths and rubber lengths) of our Spearguns as well as the fact there is now a large majority of beginners entering the sport. All bands are made here in FNQ.

    Solution - Conventional guns would now run 25cm overhang of the spear and gain 50mm per rubber. This would reduce any chance of overpowering the gun due to increased band stretch as well as aid those who are starting out in the sport. Rubbers can always be shortened if needed. Rollerguns would now run a 30cm overhang and longer bands with 10cm of pretension to give maximum stretch and power due to the increased length of the spear.

  6. Bungees - Just like our bands, Aimrite bungees are made here in our workshop in FNQ. We tie all the knots ourselves using the very best materials and to date we have not had one fail. The bungees are made of silicone, 350kg dyneema and a 700lb pigtail swivel. The problem is that the pigtail has always been hard to effectively use with gloves on.

    Solution - The materials are the same/similar as what we have used previously however the swivel is now XL so that getting the mono on and off is a very fast and easy process. Even wearing 5mm gloves the pigtail is easy to get on/off.

    Roller Muzzles

    To say that Rollerguns have been extremely popular over the past 6 years would be an understatement. Its fair to say our series of Rollers - Comp Roller, Super Venom Roller, King Venom Roller and the Fury Roller have performed very well over the years but the one thing I felt we never got 100% right was the roller muzzle design… Our very first Roller muzzle was made by a company in Greece and the problems we faced with this were that the risers got crushed inwards easily, side circlips came off easily and the line guide pin was a pain in the butt!! The next generation of muzzle was used in the Aimrite FURY Carbon series and although it looked good there were several design flaws and features that made this unit a nightmare for warranties. As a company that had little to no warranties previously, I was getting frustrated with constantly having to sort out warranties for bearings collapsing, screws falling out, side plates and wheels being lost as a result, line guides pulling out etc. Then there was the design flaws which led to bridles being cut on the risers, risers being too low and you couldn’t get the shaft in, poor line management and the overall weight. Probably the most flawed feature was that fact it was made up of 22 individual parts. As a company that prides itself on making high quality products this was a part that needed improving ASAP!

  7. Roller Risers - As mentioned the risers on previous models were both flawed in design and functionality. They would collapse, cut bridles or be too low too put the shaft back in without the shaft and crimp hitting the bridle.

    Solution - We no longer use stainless steel risers, instead the risers are CNC machined into the design and there is a few reasons - it reduces weight, it reduces the number of parts needed, they can’t bend and they won’t cut bridles. Also the height is raised so that a shaft can easily fit in without the shaft hitting the bridle.

  8. Roller Bearings - This was an ongoing and one of the biggest problems for years. First we had bushings in the first design that didn’t allow maximum speed, then we had bearings initially in the new design that would constantly fail and break so back to bushings we went at the sacrifice of performance. It was an issue that was never resolved like many others with these designs.

    Solution - With the new Roller Muzzles there were a few options but the one that made sense to me was a commercial grade sealed bearing that would not fail and perform better than any bushing! The difference this bearing made in performance compared to the last design was night and day and the speed at which the shaft left the gun was much faster than before.

  9. Overall Roller design - As I mentioned above and something that was highlighted by many of our customers there was many design flaws and issues that needed addressing. Poor line management was another issue but in all honesty the major issue was too many parts!

    Solution - With the new design there is only 10 parts, that’s less than half of the previous design. It also has a much better line management system where the line does not kink and the line guide is also CNC machined into the 1 piece unit making it extremely strong with no chance of it bending or pulling out. The screws are secured with a longer thread and have a phillips head button, not a hex key button where the small hex hole can be threaded. Another issue we fixed in the old design was the wheels being too sharp and susceptible to chipping and this design was implemented in our new head also.

    Who are you supporting?

  10. Over the years we have learnt how much it truly costs to manufacture Aimrite Spearguns here in Australia. Our wages are between 5-15 times higher than some countries where other branded spearguns are made. Add to this taxes, import costs, exchange rates etc and its getting to the point where this puts a huge financial strain on a business to compete in the market with other top brands. Although Aimrite looks like a HUGE player in the market, the reality is we are just a small business trying to make the very best products we can. When you purchase an Aimrite product you are supporting Australian workers and their families. If you are buying from one of our dealers then you are also supporting us through other Australian companies!

    Before you make your next purchase I urge you to consider the following;

    Who are you supporting and where are their products made?

    What is the warranty on the products you are buying?

    Are these products built to outlast their warranty period?

    Anyway this is where Aimrite International is headed for the future - Better designs, extremely functional products and still 100% Australian Made, Owned and Operated!!


    Travis Hogan - Owner of Aimrite International

Travis Hogan