Kayak Spearing in Shark Bay


With only 4 days off, Shark Bay is a pretty huge drive from Perth. 10 hours north lies a unique spearfishing destination, with no swell and only wind and visibility to worry about. For those with a boat, the bay offers some incredible spots with crystal water, big pelagic (like Julia’s trip), but with the limitation of a Kayak, we made use of a drone to scout the headlands for any reefy looking spots.

Most of the terrain within paddling distance of the shore is shallow weed beds and largely devoid of life. The aerial view helped us find some reefy patches and send us in the right direction. We had some great diving off the kayak, landing coral trout, blue lined emperor, and nearly spearing a nice snapper when a big tiger shark turned up. The highlight of the trip was finding a huge school of mulloway with hundreds of fish, the biggest up to around 15kg. We took one around 5kg for the table, but mostly enjoyed just swimming with the school.