Aimrite Reef King Venom Speargun

Aimrite Reef King Venom Speargun

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Aimrite’s newest railgun is appropriately called “KING VENOM”. This gun utilises a double carbon fibre wall construction that is filled with high density foam between the cuttlebone wing section. The gun alone weighs up to 2.5 kgs and has a wall thickness of 4.4 mm.

This is the most heavy duty reef/coast gun money can buy capable of shooting 2 X 16mm bands or shooting 1 X 20mm band and no recoil. The integrated muzzle and cuttlebone shaped barrel is unsurpassed in strength and quality and provides a very steady base while minimising muzzle lift.

**Please note** The Reef King comes standard with 2 x 16mm bands and 7.5mm shaft

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