Aimrite King Venom Rollergun

Aimrite King Venom Rollergun

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Aimrite’s King Venom Rollergun is our premier roller gun, basically the rolls royce of production carbon fiber rollerguns!

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The KING VENOM carbon barrel is 4.4mm which and the strongest on the market however with new technology we are able to make this speargun float horizontal on the surface with the shaft out even if it has a reel fitted!! This makes for an extremely strong gun that is a dream to dive with.

The King Venom comes standard with 7.5mm Spring steel shaft and 16mm USA latex rubbers. It can be fitted with our new reel also which creates the perfect set up for reef and bluewater diving!

The King Venom Rollergun is available in either a single or double roller in sizes 105-145cm.