Super Venom Limited Edition

Super Venom Limited Edition


The Super Venom Limited Edition is here!

This all new SVLE is packed with features and is limited to 100 only!!

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The Super Venom Limited Edition Speargun is here. To celebrate 10 years of the Aimrite "Venom" range of spearguns we have produced a new style of Super Venom which has been overhauled and given a sharp new look and an even better performance... Not only that there is only 100 of them!!

This gun is pack with new features including; 100% Black Carbon Fiber barrel (never has Aimrite made an all black SV barrel) which is 3.5mm thick, new blood red handle, all new Aimrite International Reverse Roller Mechanism, twin 16mm USA Latex rubber in matching blood red, all new Envy reel spooled with blood red dyneema, custom made double flopper shaft by HUNT and new one piece line anchor. Not only that there is only 100 of them and all SVLE come with a Certificate of Authenticity which is numbered and signed by the owner of Aimrite - Travis Hogan. 

These spearguns come in size 120-150cm and is AVAILABLE NOW!