3mm Aimrite King Venom Wetsuit

3mm Aimrite King Venom Wetsuit

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Aimrite King Venom Series:

Lycra – Two piece, Hooded Jacket, Farmer John pants
1.5mm – Open cell, Hooded Jacket, Waist High pants
3.0mm – Open Cell, Hooded Jacket, Waist High pants
5.0mm – Open Cell, Hooded Jacket, Waist High pants 

Wetsuit Size:
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Utilising one of the worlds best wetsuit manufactures (the best in our opinion) Aimrite has developed the new King Venom wetsuit range which goes perfectly well with any ocean climate, adapting to both cool and warmer coastal environments as well as being great for in and around the reef. In saying this, the Lycra and 1.5mm range has specifically been designed to suit Bluewater Hunting in warmer climates and is proving to be a great suit for this type of diving. It offers an excellent “blend-in” and “lineless” camouflage. The King Venom Camouflage design will help you “conceal” from the spookiest of fish, giving you an opportunity to stalk or ambush that fish of a lifetime, for that great camera or speargun shot.

Made of 100% CR Yamamoto Japan Neoprene, Grade 39 (ultra-supple, comfortable and warm), laminated with Impermeaflex™ and lined with Open Cell for durability and maximum flexibility.
The Jacket and Trousers (waist high) neoprene thickness is cut to perfection, all around, for an amazing warmth in cool to even cold water, and yet, totally unrestrictive, with an unequalled comfort and unparalleled freedom of movement.

Thanks to its unique features, this wetsuit is the warmest, most comfortable and lightest DRY-WETSUIT ever made. It has ZERO water circulation between its gel-like skin and yours!

Don’t let this ultra thin wetsuit fool you; it will allow you to dive freezing cold water if you have to, albeit for a limited time, due to its total waterproof build, as explained in details under what’s inside.

But the great news is, unlike other brand wetsuits, it won’t let you huff and puff from discomfort or even worse, dehydration, should the spring, summer or fall be hotter than it should and the water warmer than 88°F (31°C)! And that’s only one of many of its amazing properties. What other wetsuit brands out there can claim their wetsuit can actually keep you warm in freezing ocean climates and at the same time, let you stay cool and comfortable in tropical oceans?

The King Venom wetsuit is an absolute must have for every ocean enthusiast! It is thin and light, folds into the smallest grocery plastic bag if need be and the whole 2 piece wetsuit, hooded jacket and trousers, weighs as little as 2.2lb (1kg) for a size 54 (Large).

These suits are a 2 piece zipless and streamlined wetsuit that can be easily donned in seconds! A Hooded Jacket with Aimrite’s unique, cushioned and re-enforced built-in chest loading pad and beavertail locking system, and waist high style Trousers.


Impermeaflex™ Lamination
King Venom Camo Sublimation Dye
Yamamoto High Density Freediving Grade 100% CR # 39 Neoprene
“Green” 100% Chloroprene
NanoPreneShield lining on Charcoal Titanium
The elbows, knees and seat area of the jacket are screened with an abrasion resistance Polyurethane proprietary mix, for increased protection.
Twin Yazbeck Locking Clips on Beaver Tail
Unisex Sizing

External Features of the Jacket:

Zipless Hooded jacket
Built-in hood designed for optimal breathing comfort, neck movement and complete face protection
Face seal is laminated with Impermeaflex™ for the ultimate in suppleness
Built-in thick cushioned and slip-free spear-gun chest loading pad for maximum ease and safety
A wider Beaver tail with twin Locking Clips
Each cross seams on the jacket exterior is stamped with a GlueDot

External Features of the Trousers:

Zipless waist high trousers
2 patches of KevDot are applied on top of the GlueDot on the 2 cross seams in the crotch panel

Internal Features of the Jacket and Trousers:

Thanks to the blind-stitching method, lining is completely sealed. So the inside of the jacket is 100% waterproof and airtight. The whole wetsuit can be inflated like a balloon and will still hold its shape and never leak in or out.
Face Seal and wrist cuffs of the Jacket as well as the leg opening areas are lined with the natural SmoothSkin, the original waterproof outer layer of the neoprene master foam, therefore Aimrite’s manufacturer is the world’s one and only 100% dry wetsuit.