Pre Order - 5.0mm Aimrite Commercial Dive Wetsuit

Pre Order - 5.0mm Aimrite Commercial Dive Wetsuit


Pre Order is a 50% deposit up front and balance due before shipping. Wetsuits due April 2019

Finally a commercial dive suit thats made using commercial grade neoprene! When we combined of one of the worlds best rubber neoprene manufacturers and one of the worlds best wetsuit manufacturers it created a commercial dive suit that will out perform and out last almost any other suit on the market! Aimrite Commercial Dive suits will not let you down!

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There is nothing that comes close to Aimrite's latest development - The Aimrite Commercial Dive suit!

We feel that the exclusive neoprene used in our new suit, which was intensively tested by our professional divers and specifically chosen for our commercial suits is the most compression resistant material we have seen available today! (Quote diver X: "The best neoprene we’ve seen in the last 7 years”)

Made from Aimrite’s exclusive range of rubber, the NeoPro-XTREME (ultra resistant to compression, comfortable and warm), laminated with our ultra stretch Tri-blend Lycra™ and Titanium Dioxide lined for added comfort, its antibacterial properties and warmth, is the perfect fit when working for long periods of time.

The jacket and trouser neoprene thickness is cut to perfection, all around, for an amazing warmth in moderate to the extreme cold waters, and yet, totally unrestrictive, with an unequalled comfort and unparalleled freedom of movement. We’ve made the smooth skin seals around the openings of the suits 3mm thicker than the suit, to create a perfect sealing and preventing any water from coming in.

The blind-stitching method ensures that the lining is completely sealed and the external seems are all reinforced with a Polyurethane glue. This means that the inside of the wetsuit is 100% waterproof and air tight.

Thanks to these unique features, The Aimrite Commercial Dive suit is the warmest, most compression resistant dry-wetsuit you’ll ever own.

“The Aimrite Commercial Dive Suit is an absolute must have for every commercial diver. It is an extremely well constructed suit in both design and material quality and by far the best suit I have seen in the past 10 years” - Brett, Commercial Skipper


  • Exclusive High Density Commercial Grade 100% CR NeoPro XTREME Neoprene (Equivalent to Yamamoto #50 or better)

  • "Green" 100% Chloroprene

  • Ultra Stretch Tri-blend Lycra™ Lamination

  • Titanium lining for ease of getting on and off, antibacterial and heat reflective properties

  • Vermilion Camo Digital Sublimation Dye

  • The elbows and knees are lined with Kevlar™ for increased protection and durability

  • The knees have a double Kevlar™ layer reinforcement and an extra Polyurethane layer screened on top of the Kevlar™ for extreme durability on the most critical area of the suit

  • Double Locking Clips system on Beaver Tail

  • Unisex Sizing

External Features of the Jacket:

  • Built-in hood, designed for optimal breathing comfort, neck movement and complete face protection and red for high visibility in open waters

  • Face, wrist and ankle seals in natural smoothskin, 3mm thicker than the wetsuit thickness, prevents water from coming in

  • Optional 7mm cushioned and slip-free sternum protector

  • Each seam on the jacket exterior is reinforced with Polyurethane glue

  • Shoulders are reinforced with an abrasion resistant Urethane based ink pattern

External Features of the Trousers:

  • Zipless waist high trousers with double sided smooth skin waistband

  • Each seam on the trousers exterior is reinforced with a Polyurethane glue

  • Knife/tool pocket on the right leg