The all new Aimrite Ceramic Roller Muzzle is here!!

The all new Aimrite Ceramic Roller Muzzle is now installed on every Aimrite Roller we manufacture (Envy, King, Vendetta). It’s been 10 years since Aimrite built its very first roller and we’ve come a long way since then! This is also available to exisiting Aimrite customers as the perfect upgrade to your current roller model and fits all previous models of barrels we have made.

This roller muzzle has been specifically designed and engineered with every feature being thought of whilst ensuring the highest quality that is expected with Aimrite Products. This comes standard with Ceramic Bearings and is designed to ensure that any drag is reduced allowing for maximum speed when tracking fish. This Roller Muzzle also comes with a Lifetime Warranty!

Product Features - 

  • This roller muzzle has been engineered with oversize vents in the muzzle body to reduce drag and maximise speed when tracking fish making this the most Hydrodynamic Roller Muzzle ever produced. 
  • 2 x Adapters to suit 25.4mm and 26.0mm ID Barrels. *This is suited to old & new Aimrite Barrels.
  • Recess in the roller neck to match Aimrite barrel rails/tracks.
  • Deeper rail/track to suit all Aimrite barrels.
  • Wider track to suit Heavier shafts.
  • Longer muzzle length to accommodate new Aimrite barrel lengths.
  • High rises for extra clearance when reloading shark fin shafts or shafts with loading tabs.
  • High risers also raise the rubbers and make loading easier.
  • Bridle Stopper tabs which also assist in seeing over loaded rubbers and act as target guides for added accuracy.
  • Twin underhook tabs for left and right handed shooters.
  • Underhook tabs are bigger than normal to reduce line kink.
  • Triple-Dual hard points designed for blunt force when defending against sharks plus they look awesome.
  • Full width line recess under muzzle to allow crossover rigging of mono, dyneema or cable.
  • Recessed line anchor fixing pad to reduce drag and allow the line to pass freely through.
  • Aimrite 316 Stainless Steel line anchor - 1 piece construction with no welds or joins making it the strongest on the market.
  • Quad Ceramic Bearing Power with CNC delrin housings.
  • CNC machined Roller Wheels.
  • CNC 2mm Carbon Fibre protective plates.
  • 316 Stainless Steel hardware, screws and washers throughout.
  • Increased depth profile to negate any rigging rub on barrel fixing screws.

 * All Aimrite barrels prior to the Envy Range were 25.4mm (Comp, Pro Comp, Super Venom, Fury, King Venom, Rage, Outrage). All Aimrite barrels after the Envy range are 26.0mm. (Envy, Vendetta, King Venom from 2021 onwards).