Aimrite Int. Pty Ltd. will warrant Aimrite spearguns manufactured by Aimrite Int. against any and all manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship which effect the satisfactory operation of the item being warranted. Aimrite will warrant the reliable function of any Aimrite railgun assembled at the Aimrite Int. factory for the lifetime of the railgun.

The liability of Aimrite is limited to repair or replacement of only those parts determined by our staff to be defective and shall never exceed the original price of the railgun. The decision to repair or replace a warranted railgun will be made by Aimrite as necessary to provide the customer with a properly operating finished product of equal or lesser value. Aimrite assumes no liability for accidental or consequential damages.

Aimrite’s Railgun incorporates a very unique feature which we call a “Safety Assist”. This device assists the diver with any accidental discharge of the weapon while in the water and SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED. Removing the safety can damage the trigger spring and is NOT covered under warranty.

This warranty does not include the consumable items such as bands, shaft, rigging or the protective finishes. Abuse, mishandling, or alteration/modification of the railgun will void all warranties. Shipping cost to and from Aimrite is the responsibility of the owner. Proof of purchase is required by the original owner and any new or secondhand spearguns and accessories purchased through eBay, Facebook or an unauthorised dealer/seller will be dealt with on an individual basis and may not be covered under this policy. Please see our “Dealers” page for a complete list of authorised Aimrite dealers.

To discuss a warranty claim please email first. If there is an urgent claim Travis can be contacted on +61 487 194 741. If there is claim to be processed then ship your railgun to the following address:

Aimrite International Pty Ltd
3/102 Hartley St Bungalow
Queensland, 4870, Aus.

You are encouraged to send your returned products by any traceable method (registered post) as Aimrite is not responsible for lost packages.