Established in 1998, The Aimrite Spearfishing brand was born to provide trigger mechanisms and components to some of the world’s finest custom speargun builders. After perfecting one of the world’s strongest, most reliable trigger mechanisms, Aimrite’s focus switched to building a Euro style trigger and components of equal quality, which then led to the manufacture of one of the best rail guns on the market to date. Originating in Hawaii, Aimrite considers this the birthplace of its Venom spearguns however Australia has been the home base of its operations for the past 13 years.

With the sale of Aimrite in 2012 came the expansion of its products and new owners Travis and Cassie Hogan took the Aimrite brand to a whole new level. Aimrite International has quickly become a cultural icon and a world-renowned brand thanks to all the hard work Travis and Cassie have put in over the past 12 years! Aimrite International has a worldwide following of fans and customers from around the globe thanks to its international networking on social media accounts. Aimrite credits its success not only to the hard work, time, sacrifices and energy we’ve exuded over the past years, but also to our customers that enjoy using our products and that manage to land the fish of their dreams. That makes it all worth it for us.

Aimrite International is recognised around the world for manufacturing the strongest and most reliable spearguns ever made as well as producing some of the best rollerguns and bluewater spearguns on the market. We are also a leader in manufacturing high quality accessories and premium wetsuits! Since 2012 Aimrite Spearguns have accounted for multiple World and National “BIG FISH” Records including Blue and Striped Marlin, Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna and Spanish Mackerel just to name a few!

In 2019 Aimrite owner Travis Hogan completely redesigned and reengineered the entire range of Aimrite International spearguns to ensure that all new spearguns would be perfectly balanced and much more user friendly than ever before! We are extremely confident in the designs and materials we use, that’s why we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our spearguns. We have very few warranties but our Lifetime Warranty is globally recognised and we work swiftly and diligently to rectify any problem that may occur.

Over the past 10 years Aimrite International has heavily focused on giving back to the wider community in a number of ways, which include sponsorships (both divers and competitions), charity events, fundraisers, courses and many other specialised events. Aimrite International has also sponsored more young and upcoming divers than any other brand in Australia with an est. $250,000 in sponsorships donated since 2012.

The Aimrite Company is an Australian owned and operated family business run by Travis and Cassie Hogan and their two sons Hunter and Knox.