What is Titanium Lining on Wetsuits?

Over the past 20 years technology and innovation has taken us to many new and exciting places. As a result, manufacturing equipment for such conditions has been pushed to keep up with these demands and requirements in order for spearos to do so with success.

Titanium-lined neoprene was developed by Japan's Yamamoto Corporation in the 1980s.

This technology was based on NASA research aimed at reducing extreme temperatures during spaceship re-entry – a thin Titanium coating is applied to the neoprene surface before the bonding of the outer fabric material.

The Titanium looks like a coat of silvery-grey paint and like all good ideas it's pretty simple, but it works. While diving in the water, as the thermal heat generated by your body tries to escape the wetsuit it hits the Titanium-lining that reflects the heat back towards you.

This happens continually. So every time you move, swim or exert energy, more heat is created inside your suit and reflected back to you—increasing heat retention by up to 40%.

The great advantage is you can wear a much thinner, lighter wetsuit without compromising warmth. The thinner the suit, the more flexible you are and the better your breath hold will be. Your ability to dive more comfortably with increased bottom time greatly improves your chance of being successful on the hunt for your target species.

At Aimrite International we use Yamamoto's Titanium lining in all our top-line models and have for the past 10 years! Although the cost is much higher we feel that the advantages are worth it and that is what sets us apart from other production wetsuits. We don’t cut costs or care about maximising profits, our goal is to bring our customers the best wetsuit we possibly can! These suits require little to no lube to put on and feel like pure luxury in the water!

So next time you are looking to replace an old wetsuit or thinking about ditching that sticky, cheap open cell and upgrading to a premium suit, consider the benefits of wearing a Titanium-lined limestone neoprene wetsuit from Aimrite International and experience the Power of Titanium!