Speargun Envy Pro Railgun Aimrite
Speargun Envy Pro Railgun Aimrite
Speargun Envy Pro Railgun Aimrite
Speargun Envy Pro Railgun Aimrite
Speargun Envy Pro Railgun Aimrite

Speargun Envy Pro Railgun Aimrite

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The Aimrite ENVY series of spearguns are the most WELL BALANCED and PERFECTLY ENGINEERED spearguns Aimrite has EVER BUILT! The ENVY PRO supersedes the Aimrite Fury Carbon and has MULTIPLE UPGRADES to the ENGINEERING AND PERFORMANCE from the Fury Speargun range of 2017. The BIGGER BORE carbon barrel offers  MORE BUOYANCY than any previous models of Aimrite Railgun dating  back to the early 2000’s giving this model the ADDED BUOYANCY needed for using a heavier shaft or added reel. This also REDUCES ARM FATIGUE when diving. 

Each gun is individually tested and hand assembled with precision  engineered Aimrite components. 

◦ 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm & 140cm
2 band Italian made Open Muzzle
Single 16mm USA Latex band size 60-90cm/7mm shaft
Twin 16mm USA Latex bands size 100-140/7.5mm shaft
100% Carbon Fiber tube with new deep track and 26mm ID for added buoyancy
2022 Reverse Roller Trigger Mechanism with integrated line release
South African Spring Steel Spears
350kg Silicone Bungee
Lifetime Warranty
Certified Australian Made
◦ Reel Opt in - 70cm; 80cm; 90cm & 100cm - 50 metre Ermes Reel ($199). 110cm; 120cm; 130cm & 140cm - 70 metre Ermes Reel ($229)

ENVY BARREL - Overview

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bentley Gregori

Great gun, great service, great delivery. Won’t be the last order I make with you guys!

Thanks so much for your review, we are glad you are happy & thanks for the support!

Great work

Super clean speargun. Very pleased with my purchase, I do wish the butt of the gun was padded or softened instead of a hard plastic feel.

Thank you for your review. We appreciate your feedback, we do have additional padded covers for the butt if you touch base with cassie@aimrite.com.au. Cheers

Tan Jiang
This gun is a ripper!

Got 1 meter gun, it is quite easy to move around the reef under water. All rounder gun from reef fish to king fish. Efficient and best safety trigger when get used to it.

Louisa Rowe
Great upgrade

I bought 2 Aimrite entry level spear guns about 5 years ago (one for me and one for my partner), I still use these to this day, they have lasted a long time with a lot of wear and tear and only needing the rubbers to be replaced occasionally. For Christmas I got my partner the Envy Pro 110cm so he can have a larger gun and also a bit of upgrade from the other one with newer material. It is light and durable, looks good and is easy to use but still a step above the entry level one we got ages ago. It's also extremely well made with high quality material and pretty reasonably priced considering how high quality it is. Our other spearguns have lasted us so long, and we have let our friends borrow them as well to try them out. I wouldn't use another brand, you can trust your gun will work well, be durable, and is high quality, and made in Australia :)

Thank-you so much for your review and ongoing support over the years Louisa we really appreciate it :) Happy Diving!

Luke Van Lawick
All timer

Very stoked with the purchase of the envy pro 120cm railgun 3 years ago. Has been my all rounder nailing kings, cobes, snapper, Spanish, Jew and wahoo.

That's awesome! Glad you are happy & thanks so much for the review :)

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